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AR500 Armor C2 Ceramic Bulletproof Panel 10x12 Level IV

AR500 Armor

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Estimated Lead Time - 12 Weeks

The C2 multi-hit ceramic curved panel Level IV protection has been tested to stop multiple .30 caliber AP rounds: A popular choice for military. Composed of ceramic and polyethylene materials and is compatible with all 10" x 12" size carriers.

The C2 Multi-Hit is made to handle more powerful military-grade weaponry than any other plate. Most importantly, this design is able to stop .30 caliber armor-piercing bullets (U.S. Military designation M2 AP) at a velocity of 2,880 ft/s. Whereas such a threat would punch through most plates, and even other Level IV ceramic plates would likely collapse after one hit, this plate has been tested to successfully stop as many as three successive M2 AP rounds.

The Ceramic plates stop rounds in a unique fashion: Rather than the mere hardness of the plate outmatching the strength of the bullet, ceramic armor allows a section of itself to shatter so as to absorb the bullet’s impact more completely. The downside of this method is that the shattering process can hurt the integrity of the plate. But further development and higher-quality materials have enabled the C2 Multi-Hit to limit that shattering to a much smaller area, leaving the rest of the plate strong enough to stop more hits.

The C2 Multi-Hit is compatible with all standard-size carriers; it is a normal 10” x 12” plate size with a thickness of 1 inch. It weighs 7.4 pounds.

Multi-hit, as an industry term, means anything more than a single hit for a Level IV test. For a Level III test, it generally means six hits. We are confident the C2 Multi-Hit plate can stop three rounds of Level IV threats with an adequate spacing of 5-6” between shots.

  • Material: Ceramic, with FragLock Coating
  • Protection: .30 caliber armor-piercing (AP) bullets (U.S. Military designation M2 AP) with a specified mass of 10.8g (166gr) and a velocity of 2,880 ft/s (+/- 30 ft/s).
Special Threat Testing
  • Multi-Hit, .30-06 cal, 166-grain APM2, 2,880 ± 30 ft/s
  • Multi-Hit, 7.62 x 54R-mm, 155-grain B-32 API, 2,880 ± 30 ft/s
  • Multi-Hit, 7.62 x 39-mm, 123-grain PS Ball 2,400 ± 30 ft/s
Dimensions & Compatibility
  • 10" x 12"
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Capability: Multi-hit protection
  • Form: Curved
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Compatible Plate Carriers: Testudo, Valkyrie & Invictus
  • Manufactured in the United States 
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is ceramic better than steel armor? There are pros and cons to both armor types. Which armor is better depends on which is the right armor for your needs. Steel is a smart choice for those who are preparing for threats we actively face in the United States, who want to keep costs to a minimum (steel is more inexpensive than ceramic), and who want armor that is very durable and requires little to no maintenance. Ceramic is a good choice for those who are anticipating an environment where explosives or large-caliber armor-piercing rounds could occur and cost or low shelf-life is not an issue.
  • Is ceramic body armor fragile? Ceramic's most well-known weakness is its brittle composition which is due to how it is manufactured. Ceramic is susceptible to hairline cracks (even ones you cannot see unless you x-ray your plate) from it being tossed into a trunk or being dropped on the ground.
  • Is ceramic armor better than Kevlar? Ceramic armor is better than Kevlar if you are looking for the best rifle-rated protection from a single threat. This means ceramic armor is going to perform better than Kevlar to stop up to a single armor piercing M2 30-06 round. If your threat assessment deems handguns to be your biggest threat, and you need to conceal armor under clothing, Kevlar is a far more practical option. Lastly, keep in mind that Kevlar is used in conjunction with all ceramic plates to prevent spalling.