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Ace Link Armor Tactical Helmet Ballistic Face Shield Visor Level IIIA

Ace Link Armor

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Estimated Lead Time - 2 Weeks

The Ace Link Armor Ballistic Face Shield Visor has a 4-way adjustable mounting system to bring the shield closer or further away from your face, as well as up and down. The visor comes with an adjustment system that makes it easy for you to switch between 3 different locking positions at any time. Straight ahead, halfway up, or straight over head. You decide how high and far your helmet should be pushed back by using this convenient pin adjustment system right in front of you. With the weight of a mere 3 pounds, this sleek and stylish visor is made out of an unbreakable poly-carbonate material that provides protection against bullets and fragments. It has been rigorously tested for military standards in accordance with STANAG 2920 stringent testing requirements, ensuring it can withstand high levels of impact without any damage to its structural integrity. The ballistic visor can be used by soldiers in combat, military personnel who need to worry about stray fire or shrapnel injuries while on the battlefield, police officers when they’re out making arrests or even demonstrators protesting a rally.

  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Thickness: 22mm
  • Fragments protection: STANAG 2920 ED.2
  • Stops .22 LR
  • Pin locking system
  • 3 alternating positions
  • 4-way adjustable mounting
  • Compatible with any standard rail system
  • 3 Lbs.
More Information

Ballistic visors are made from thick polycarbonate sheets, and they offer level IIIA protection at best. NIJ Level IIIA is rated to stop pistol calibers, up to .44 magnum. Ballistic Visors can stop almost all popular pistol calibers but won’t stop rifle rounds like 5.56 AR rounds and 7.62×39 AK-47 rounds.