Body Armor Law

We all have the right to protect ourselves, as employees, and our loved ones from harm's way. People have the legal right to obtain and utilize body armor for protection whether for personal or professional use.

However, United States Code Section 931 of title 18 prohibits the purchase, ownership, and possession of body armor by individuals who have been convicted of a violent felony. Additionally, violators will be prosecuted and could face up to a maximum of 3 years of imprisonment.

The State of Connecticut forbids both buying and selling body armor online. Check the body armor laws in your state. Accountability falls on the purchaser and it is not the retailer's responsibility.

*Please note that we do not offer shipping to Connecticut or New York due to the states body armor laws.

It's the purchaser's sole responsibility to know if they are legally able to buy or utilize body armor. As well as to comply with all local, state, and federal laws or statues pertaining to the possession and/or use of any of the products we sell.  

Furthermore, it is legal for retailers to sell ballistic resistant vests and other classifications of body armor to persons within the United States. 

Retailers are not liable for what occurs to body armor after it has been sold.