About Us

At Bulletproof Equipped, our mission is to empower people by creating a marketplace that offers accessible quality ballistic body armor that suits different occupations, needs, and lifestyles.

We believe empowering others can save lives. Thus, our objective is to provide reliable, top-grade lifesaving products and options. In this way, we can enable people to take action to better protect themselves and get equipped for dangerous scenarios that can arise at any moment.

Bulletproof Equipped was created to facilitate emergency preparedness. We want to help others be proactive about their safety. Hence, we work closely with our manufacturers to provide top-grade lifesaving protection for our customers.

We all have the right to protect ourselves, our families, our children as well as feel safe and be protected in our work environments. Bulletproof Equipped, recognizes the need to armor up and not continue to be vulnerable. So, we want to help others do the same.